PhD and MD positions/scholarships

The BSIO will award 

PhD positions (biomedical/transdisciplinary track) and

MD scholarships.

The PhD positions appr. equal 65% of the the salary level  of a full researcher position (E13 level).

The MD scholarships differ between medical students and medical graduates and will be paid according to the scholarship regulations of the DFG (German research foundation).

All positions and scholarships also include an annual allowance for supplies as well as funds for conference attandance and other project-related activities.

There is no tuition fee for the BSIO program.

Students enrolled will have to pay a semester fee od appr. 310 â‚¬ every 6 months, this is not a tuition fee, but it covers public transportation in Berlin for 6 months and a fee for the student union offering housing opportunities and dining halls for students.