Prof. Dr. med. Reinhold Schäfer

Deputy Director (Translational Research) of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

University Education

  • 1976 Ph.D., Universität Bonn

Professional Experience (selection)

  • 1976-1978 Postdoctoral fellow at the Division of Molecular Genetics, Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine (MPI), Göttingen
  • 1978-1985 Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Cell Biology (Tumor Research), West German Cancer Center, Universität Essen
  • 1985-1988 Principal investigator, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Bern, Switzerland
  • 1996- Professor of Molecular Tumor Pathology and group leader at the Institute of Pathology, Charité
  • 1988-1996 Head, Division of Cancer Research, Department of Pathology, University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2001- Coordinator of the Laboratory of Functional Genomics (Charité core facility)
  • 2009- Deputy director (Translational Research), CCCC


Most important Awards, Grants or Scientific Achievements

  • 1988 Swiss Cancer Award (Robert-Wenner-Preis), Swiss Cancer Society
  • 2001 Award of the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft

10 most relevant Publications

  • Sers, C., Kuner, R., Falk, C. S., Lund, P., Sueltmann, H.,…, Schäfer, R. (2009). Down-regulation of HLA Class I and NKg2D ligands through a concerted action of MAPK and DN A methyltransferases in colorectal cancer cells. Int J Cancer 125, 1626.
  • Abdul-Ghani, R., Serra, V., Györffy, B., Jürchott, K., Solf, A., Dietel, M., and Schäfer, R. (2006). Inhibition of the PI3K pathway blocks drug export from resistant colon carcinoma cells overexpressing MRP1. Oncogene 25, 1743.
  • Zuber, J., Tchernitsa, O.I., Hinzmann, B., Schmitz, A.C., Grips, M., Hellriegel, M., Sers, C., Rosenthal, A., and Schäfer, R. (2000). A genome-wide survey of Ras transformation targets. Nat Genet 24, 144.