About the BSIO Female Independency Award

What is the BSIO Female Independency Award?

The BSIO Award aims to support female researchers working in the field of cancer research who intent to start their own research group (that is, who are working as senior postdocs) or who have recently started their own research group as a group leader. It has been established to support women in science, especially during the transition phase from postdoc to group leader.

The BSIO Female Independency Award is one of the measures that have been created by the BSIO graduate school to increase the number of women in leading positions in academia.

What does the BSIO Independency Award include?

The Award includes a grant of 50.000 € (which can be used flexibly according to the working plan), an inspiring research environment as part of the BSIO graduate school and participation in a coaching and mentoring program.

The grant of 50.000 € represents a truely flexible one. It can for example be used for scientific projects (this includes comsumables; investments can only be financed in eceptional cases) or scientific event organization, but also structural measures supporting family-friendly working conditions, such as babysitting costs. The working plan needs to give a detailed description on how the grant will be used.

Who can apply for the BSIO Independency Award?

All female researchers

• working in the field of cancer research

• during their postdoc time or after having started their own research group

• from Berlin or Brandenburg based institutions

can apply for the award.