• sense clinically
  • think mechanistically
  • act interdisciplinarily
  • treat innovatively

BSIO Lecture Series - Fall 2022

Friday, October 14

The Glycobiology of Cancer Dr. Oren Moscovitz 14:00
tba PD Dr. Rainer Glauben 15:00

Friday, October 21

“Cell states and fate transitions in glioblastoma" Dr. Gaetano Gargiulo 14:00
“Multifaceted roles of NFkappa B in health, in inflammation and beyond” Dr. Marina Kolesnichenko 15:00

Friday, October 28

Common germline variants of APOE regulate immunity in cancer and infectious disease” | Dr. Benjamin Ostendorf |14:00

“Single Cell ‘Mitochondrial’ Genomics – from Lineage Tracing to Human Phenotypes” | Dr. Leif Ludwig |15:00