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Dr. Dr. Marina Kolesnichenko

Group Members

  • Marina Kolesnichenko Group leader
  • Luisa Barleben PhD student
  • Sixiang Chen PhD/MD student
  • Elif Ozcan PhD student

Scientific Scope

Transcription factor NF-κB plays a key role in immune mediated diseases by regulating expression of cytokines, growth factors, as well as of anti-apoptotic mediators. How its activation in epithelial cells versus in immune cells mediates return to homeostasis is poorly understood. 

We are using single cell datasets, organoids, and transgenic mouse models, and techniques in biochemistry to determine how NF-κB regulates cell fate decisions, including differentiation, senescence, and cell death.

Our aim is to shed light on the contribution of NF-κB and its divergent transcriptomes to development and progression of immune mediated diseases of the gut to colorectal cancer.

Scientific questions:

  • Which signalling pathways in intestinal epithelium contribute to inflammation versus resolution and which contribute to carcinogenesis?
  • Where and how does NF-κB direct anti- versus pro-inflammatory responses in the gut?
  • Which signalling pathways and mediators can be used as relevant targets for disease treatment?

For our projects we are collaborating with teams at the University of Oxford, UK, so there are opportunities for visits and joint research.  

Selected References