• sense clinically
  • think mechanistically
  • act interdisciplinarily
  • treat innovatively

Seminar "3Rs" in canceR ReseaRch

Even in cancer research, animal experiments cannot yet be avoided. The number of animal experiments and the suffering of the animals should be reduced to a minimum.

This is what the 3Rs Replace, Reduce and Refine stand for.We think it is important to educate you in this area and are happy that we could win experienced experts in the field for this seminar series.

In cooperation with Charité 3R, we cordially invite you to the following seminars:

  • All good things come in threes - Who and what is the Charité 3R?? 

            Tuesday 24.01.2023  15:00 - 17:00h  / Paul-Ehrlich-Hörsaal, CCM, Virchowweg

  • Contribution of imaging to the 3Rs in preclinical cancer research

            Monday  08.05.2023  15:00 - 17:00h / Forum 3, Room 2.0214, CVK

  • Let's go into detail - 3Rs based on research projects

             tba, End of July / CVK

  • What is it to me? Ethics and 3Rs

             tba, End of October / Campus Buch