• sense clinically
  • think mechanistically
  • act interdisciplinarily
  • treat innovatively

BSIO Lecture Series - Autumn 2020

Friday, October 30

Session 1: “DNA methylation-based tumor classification” Prof. David Capper
Session 2: “Chromosomal instability and karyotype evolution in cancer” Dr. Roland Schwarz

Friday, October 23

Session 1: “Immune cells by design: from basic science towards translational immune therapies” PD Dr. Uta Höpken
Session 2: “Risk perception and risk communication in oncology” PD Dr. Friederike Kendel

Friday, October 16

Session 1: “The effect of fatty acids on tumor-associated macrophages” Dr. Rainer Glauben
Session 2: “The role of circRNAs in tumor biology” Prof. Johannes Schulte

Friday, October 09

Session 1: “Dynamics of adaptive immunity” Dr. Kathrin De la Rosa
Session 2: “Deciphering cancer signaling pathways by mass spectrometry” Dr. Philipp Mertins

Friday, October 02

Session 1: “Targeted protein degradation for cancer therapy” Prof. Jan Krönke
Session 2: “Protein-templated fragment ligation employed
in the validation of cancer targets”
Prof. Jörg Rademann