• sense clinically
  • think mechanistically
  • act interdisciplinarily
  • treat innovatively

BSIO Lecture Series - Spring 2021

Friday, April 9

Session 1: "New insights into the bacterial contribution to gastrointestinal carcinogenesis" Dr. Michael Sigal
Session 2: "Strategies to improve CAR T cell therapy for solid tumors" Dr. Annette K√ľnkele

Friday, April 16

Session 1: "Epigenetics in lymphomagenesis" Dr. Franziska Briest
Session 2: "Cancer metastasis: from biomarker discovery to novel therapies" Dr. Ulrike Stein

Friday, April 23

Session 1: "Principles and Mechanisms of Genome Diversification &
Dr. Michela Di Virgilio
Session 2: "The Hallmarks of Metastasis" Dr. Michela Serresi

Friday, April 30

Session 1: "Single-cell dynamics and cell fate responses in cancer" Dr. Adrian E. Granada
Session 2: "Pathogenesis and therapeutic targeting of MYC-dependent cancers" Dr. Ulrich Keller